Welcome to Artist / Archivist

Artist / Archivist is my new creative project starting August 2017.

Starting is always the hard part of creative practice. The blank white page represents an overwhelming amount of possibility. The Picasso print hanging on the wall. The Monet paintings decorating your diary. The pressure to create something as significant, one mark on that white page, why doesn’t it look like a masterpiece?

The best decision I made was to abandon all contexts and concepts. From January 2013 my arts practice was about replacing the pressure to explain, to exhibit, with embracing enjoyment in creating things. My numb hands sketching Leyton Orient with oil pastels. Collecting papers and images, crafting and manipulating them into visually exciting collage. My arts practice has been energetic with no purpose.


Re-starting is always difficult. Adding contexts and concepts is always difficult. Classifying an arts practice so committed to not being explained is difficult. However finally my arts practice has a place, exploring the themes, tensions, events, news, issues, questions, conferences and experiences within the archives & wider information management profession. Using the University of Glasgow Archives and Special Collections as my base, 

Using the University of Glasgow Archives Special Collections for content.  My practice will explore the tensions between archivist and artist. Between the creative environments adapt to change, compared to secure archive environments committed to fixing records and history in a time capsule.

This is only the start of the adventure.

Welcome to Artist / Archivist.