Archives and Records Management Conference 2018

The Artist Archivist Archive was on display at the ARA conference, Glasgow, August 2018. Highlights included constructing a large scale Anchor Line collage based on the collections held at the Scottish Business Archive. Naturally the football collages were a popular attraction, as was the many folders containing hundreds of art records that the audience were allowed to browse, question and interact with Artist Archivist.


Edinburgh Student Arts Festival 2017

Hosted a collage workshop Disappearing Narratives for creative practitioners during the Student Arts Festival. The principle objective was to engage hard to reach audiences, to showcase the resources available for creative projects. It was a pleasure to tell the story of Jimmy Reid heading the UCS work via collaging copied records from the Scottish Business Archive. The process revealed the artists practice style, personality, and also engaged us outside of our comfort zones.


Creative Business Consulting

Artist Archivist frequently engages business community via hosting internal training sessions. Popular tasks include creative SWOT analysis, drawing activities, and encouraging some humor with theatre exercises. The sessions are designed to encourage a relaxed attitude and encourage participants to use their institutional knowledge and skills to enhance the core business strategy.